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 Vanzari Trolii - Warn TELECOMANDA [PN 72566] Ai in cos niciun produs si un cost total de 0,00RON / 0,00€
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Descriere Warn TELECOMANDA [PN 72566]

WARN WINCH REMOTE INTUITIVE FEATURES IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND The new WARN remote controls incorporate an improved ergonomic design and intuitive features that help operators better navigate through winching operations. WARN remotes have been designed with an intuitive rocker switch with an elevated dimple on power-out, a recessed dimple on power-in, and a high-impact polymer grip that allows operators to pay more attention to the winching situation and less on the remote itself. By using the sense of feel rather than sight, operators can confirm the winch line's direction without relying on visual cues on the remote's handle. Increased control surface area on the remote allows for easy use, even while wearing gloves. Some of the new units also contain a high-intensity LED flashlight in the bottom of the handle for extra visibility in hard-to-see applications. PN 72566 Remote w/ Thermometric Indicator and Integrated Flashlight (for use with 9.5ti, and 16.5ti winches) PN 72568 Remote w/ Integrated Flashlight (for use with all WARN winches except 9.5ti, 9.5si, 16.5ti, and PowerPlant) PN 72567 Remote without Integrated Flashlight (for use with all WARN vehicle winches except 9.5ti, 9.5si, and 16.5ti) PN 74311 Remote for PowerPlant (not pictured)

Caracteristici tehnice Warn TELECOMANDA [PN 72566]

ModelWarn TELECOMANDA [PN 72566]
Motorizare si transmisie
Rezervor0.00 l
Greutate0.00 kg
Comentarii Warn TELECOMANDA [PN 72566] Comentarii Warn TELECOMANDA [PN 72566]
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